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I'm having trouble comprehending what you mean by a "filler" scene. A scene that advances character development is not a filler scene, it is an important scene. If you mean a filler scene in regards to the plot, I don't see anything wrong with that.

Actually, on that note, "filler scenes" are actually pretty useful. By "filler scene" I mean a scene that doesn't contain any plot, character development, or real conflict, it's more like (for a common example) the scenes in Harry Potter where nothing much is going on. It depends on what the book is, but they can serve a purpose. They serve to slow down the pacing and for the reader to take a break for a while. So long as the plot advances soon after, these scenes shouldn't be "cut".

Then again, as those scenes do "do something" - fix the pacing - then they aren't filler scenes. They have a use, they're not just there to pad up the word count.

Therefore, I agree with the other commenters. For a filler scene to be considered filler, absolutely nothing should be happening. It would be the equivalent of describing a rock in the middle of a sci-fi thriller. All filler scenes should be eliminated, yes, but not all scenes where nothing appears to be going on are filler scenes.
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