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This is my very first writing

Guilt. My lovers screams. It rings in my head. Those bloody screams haunt me. I remember the blood being spilled and the look on his face. Him. He saw it. He saw what i become. Jealousy. I couldn't bare to see him with any other girl. My father, the king, didn't want me to see him anymore. Another girl or the beast, were my choices. The blood was a red thick stream on the wall where the restless beast brutally hurled him. The pure agony of it all consumed me. Him. The look he gave me before it struck him with hungry eyes. The beast, it showed no mercy to him. I remember running down the dirt road back to the castle, crying, I missed him. I could hear the screams on that road. I can hear them now haunting my soul.
Now i am older and the screams still haunt me. I am the Queen now and i have no one to rule with. My lover is gone. I will be to. I picked up a shard of glass, from my broken mirror. I looked at myself, thought, I did this to myself now hes gone. With one trust of a hand motion the glass pierced my heart and it was a good sensation. All i remember, is the black flowing stream of sheer blood pouring from my chest. I knew i would see him soon. Gone. Gone she lay.

Thanks but please can you give me some constructive criticism on this writing please! I want to get better!
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