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To start with, this is a working title, so after reading chapter one I'd love to hear your title suggestions. If you are interested in drawing these characters, let me know. If you have seen 'Want a challenge' in the art section, this is the piece I am talking about. Chapter one includes some of the characters you can draw. (Contact me for more art details). Please critique as I'd love to hear your suggestions.
Chapter one
Unwanted Attention

Slavery was meant to be abolished years ago, however I’m living proof that it wasn’t completely.

I’m 12 year old Samantha Green and I’m a slave. Yes, that’s right, a slave. I’ve been enthralled into slavery to Ms Tabitha Darlington for three years and it has not got easier. Every minute of every day has been torturous. Since I was 9, I have worked from 5am-7pm 7 days a week. The only break that I ever get is a ten minute one to eat my ‘lunch’, buttered bread with water. I’m not exaggerating when I say that I get starved. Do you agree? I’m a growing girl for goodness sake! I need food and drink to stay alive! To add to this, kidnapping other people’s children and forcing them to work as a slave is illegal. Oh yeah, I may have forgotten to mention that I was kidnapped and blackmailed into being a slave. Anyway, let me explain how I got myself into this situation. This is my story...

It all started as just a normal day in a back alleyway in London (or home to me and my parents). You see, my mother and father didn’t want help to sort out our homelessness, they liked things how it was and wanted it to stay that way, so we set up our shelter down a quiet, secret alleyway in Paddington.
It was around 10am and my mother and father had gone to beg and scavenge for food. I was often left alone curled up in my sleeping bag. In fact I liked it. I would stare at the clouds and listen to the birds for hours happily, it was almost like a treat for me. This time would allow me to forget about the situation I was in and it would give me some alone time. So there I was, minding my own business, when a carriage, drawn by two brown and white horses, came down the alleyway to a trumpet fanfare. Suddenly, the trumpet players stopped abruptly and it was silent. I stared wide-eyed at this strange mode of transport. It was rare to be accompanied on my street.
A plump, made-up lady, who was dressed from head to toe in pink, stepped out of the carriage and stood on the dark, deserted street staring at me. Following closely behind her, was a tall, thin man dressed in a three- piece suit and tie. My parents had often told me that it was rude to stare, but I was staring at them wide-eyed and I didn’t care that I was being rude.
“You, scruffy girl,” yelled the plump lady. Puzzled, I looked around then asked,
“Yes you. Are there any other scruffy girls on this street?” Scruffy, I thought to myself, you’re the scruffy lass around here. “Would you like a once in a lifetime opportunity to come and live in a house?” I shook my head. I liked it here and I wanted to stay with my mum and dad whether we lived in a house or not. Well, it looked like I had no choice. Emerging from the carriage, were two armed men and they were coming towards me, guns out. Fortunately, they only grabbed my arms. But then, they dragged me backwards, scraping my bare ankles on the tarmac. Once they were by the back of the carriage, they picked me up and flung me into it. “Let me go,” I protested. Out of the corner of my eye, I caught a glimpse of the smart man placing a piece of paper into my sleeping bag. Then, he put his thumbs up. “You’re mine now,” cursed the lady. “Who said,” I screamed, “Leave me alone!”
“Oh, what a feisty one you are,” she snarled, “But you do not scare me.” As the horses drew out of the alleyway, she laughed an evil-like laugh that made my stomach flip.

Have A Great Day!
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