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Originally Posted by miss_smiley View Post
'S'up, people of YWO!

It's been a few years since I was a regular on here. I joined waaaaaay back in 2009 (when dial-up was totally still a thing, so that's fun), but dropped off when life happened.

For those who have never met me, a brief little intro - I'm Miss Smiley (hiiii!), an Aussie with a wicked red pen & an alarmingly silly sense of humour. In my normal life, I'm a musician, a singing teacher, a freelance editor, a librettist, a composer, a calligrapher & (?), a dabbler of arts and crafts, a doting auntie & the proud cat-mum of two of the most adorable cats you could ever hope to meet - Theodore & Hermia. They are the fluffiest of fluffy, refined felines. I'm also starting a podcast soon, which should be a fun new venture!

In short, I do stuff. Yay!

My main areas of writing include novels, short stories, libretti & plays, as well as my recent ventures into web-comics (I don't draw it - my buddy-bud does that, because she's crazy-talented and amazing). My critiques are long, exhaustive and detailed, but I like to think that that's a good thing.

So, I think that's it...

Nice to meet you all!
And how did this forum change over this time?
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