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And I don't even care how dated that sounds.

I'm available for crits, yo. Comment or PM me to let me know what you desperately want my eyes on (gross visual, but I stand by it). For those unfamiliar with my (extremely thorough, ridiculously nit-picky, but in general, I think pretty helpful) work, check it. If you want me brutally disfiguring your prose and throwing out post-mortems on it like I'm a totally qualified mortician and not at all just a sicko with a scalpel who deeeeeefinitely didn't escape from her conviction at a local asylum, bring it on. I work best with prose, but I'm not adverse to squinting at some stanzas, peeping at some poems or - dare I say it - catching my eye on a few couplets (weak sauce, I know. It's late here). I'm also an actual musician in my day-to-day life, so lyrics are a thing I study, write & arrange.

Show me what you're working with.

Do your worst, internet.
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