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Opening my eyes, I was blinded by light. It charged at me from every possible direction. Then it all came into focus and I found myself staring at the glistening sun (weirdly the light didn't affect me at all). In the blink of an eye I found myself wrapped in a comfortable blanket of sunlight. I sat there on a slight hilly hump. Various flowers bloomed beside me, and the neatly cut grass gave it that extra touch of perfectness. Wandering around to my heart's content, I found a bike edging towards me as if awaiting further use. I rode it for what seemed like eternity, adventuring into the endless world. This has been a weirdly wondrous day. Then I blinked and wondered what it happened. I was staring at the exact same scene, but it was in a painting. I looked around to find myself in my bedroom. “ Could I have been daydreaming?” I asked myself.
“ But it looked and felt so real,” myself just had to argue back to I. Seconds later, I was forced to drop my thoughts right beside the painting. I had heard something...
Always trying to make myself seem strong... So I locked myself in a suit of armor with nothing but darkness in sight.
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