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Originally Posted by Wasted Earthling View Post
Which admin pays the site fees, if it's the one that's AWOL do we need to start working on a contingency plan?

Does this forum software not work on the headers and footers system a lot of other forums do that don't directly require going into the sites coding but allow you to add code through headers and footers, if so can you not drop the embed code for the chatbox into the footer/header and just have a chatbox at the bottom or top of the page?

Also, is there a max age limit on here a lot of people seem to have been members for 9-10 years?
1. No idea

2. I can barely read this sentence, but I think what you're getting at is that we could possibly edit the headers without needing an admin? Again, no idea.

3. I think our oldest members hover ~25, and these are mostly people who have been here since they were younger. Older people sort of drift away. 30+ is a pretty clear no, I think that our age range works best if it's 13-25.
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