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I swear I remember a long thread where we discussed whether Fan-Fiction should be allowed or not, but the search tool isn't turning anything up, so I don't know.

I'm in the camp that Fan-Fic doesn't bother me. Writing is writing, even if certain skills aren't getting developed (such as worldbuilding, developing your own characters, etc. and those, arguably, are still being developed, just in a different way). If you want to post Fan-Fic, I say do it, and just post it the same way you would post a longer story--I have posted long (20K words) short stories in parts before, or if it's even longer than that you could say it's a novella and post it in the novel section. I don't think anyone is going to bu you about that. We're not that rigid. Like you said, just mention at the start that it's fan-fiction so you don't have noobs going "oh, you've stolen all of these names from X book."

Do note, though, that I--and I think most people--would still critique your fan-fiction the same way we would critique any of your writing.
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