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Hey guys! Would anyone be interested in a critique or writing response given live in the chatroom?

You'd just come say hi, and link to where you posted the story/art/poetry/lyrics/etc, and I'd read it and respond on the spot. That way, if I have any questions or if I get super excited, I don't have to wait-- I can tell you right away! And you'll know what I'm thinking as I read. Then if you want, we could talk about what you're gonna do next. I could totally look at how you do critiques, too, if you wanted.

I'll be hanging around the chatroom for most of this weekend (Jan. 15-18) when I'm available, and I'm itching for things to do before the intensity of the semester hits me for real. Let me know when you'll be there (GMT) and it'll be even more likely I'll be around!
Definitely let me know if you'd like a critique--- I'd love to.
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