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Today is the day of the big switchover!

We have six new moderators (Lizzie, Keladry, lalodragon, 2sh4r, MonaLon, and RockerBunny) so please give a warm congrats and thanks to them for offering their time! They will be joining the team and those of them without experience will be learning the ropes as they go.

Rose and Isis are the only remaining old mods - so even more thanks and yays to them! They're both brilliant members and have been here a long time, and are highly knowledgeable in their areas, so I'm very pleased to have them here.

The others whom I have demodded - if you see this, you may still message me to be reinstated as a mod, if you wish. I will however not be contacting any of you personally about your demodding. I'm assuming at this point it's obvious why.

But happier things!

Plans are indeed underway. One of our new mods is a chatroom expert (Lizzie) and she and I have been playing around with one. Once the mods have all been given the low down on moderation, it will be posted. Which will definitely happen in time for NaNoWriMo!
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