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Originally Posted by Lykaios View Post
Isis - don't worry, the interest and dedication that you've already shown for the site during it's struggles have been an incredible help, and I'd happily keep you as a mod, even if you're occasionally busy. You're a blessing to this place when you're around!

Everyone who's messaged me already - Thank you! I won't reply to you individually yet, but I'd like to note your applications have been seen and noted and you're all on my shiney yellow post-it note on my desktop.

Everyone else: Keep 'em coming!
Thanks! I'm going to try and crit and participate a little over the next few months and hopefully it will help get things off the ground.

Originally Posted by Majyk View Post
I'm one of those mods that haven't been active in forever--clearly--and I think it's now time to stop pretending I'm going to come back and be active again. I just started my masters degree, so that's taking up a lot of my time right now (it's online and in creative writing, so I spend way too much time on the computer doing writing-related stuff as it is). YWO is great and I'm glad you guys are trying to make it as good as it once was! I wish I could help, but right now, I can't--as much as I wish that wasn't true.

To Lyk--and to the new mods, whoever they'll be (as well as the few remaining oldies )--good luck!

EDIT: Ugh, that was hard to make myself hit "submit." XD
Hugs yo. And good luck with your master's degree! Grad school, online or off, is a rough row.

Looking forward to meeting the new mods when they get greened.
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