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You ever wonder what makes a serial killer do what they do? Or how can a human being have the heart to kill a countless amount of people....or do they even have a heart at all?? Well this story may or may not have the answers to your questions....
Maria Jenkins a thirteen year old(at the time) black female who was being raised by a single mother and her boyfriend seemed to be going through a lot as a young girl. Her mother's boyfriend Jeff was abusive to her mother and beat her right front of maria sometimes. One day maria's mom had to work late and it was just her and jeff in the house. Normally maria and jeff would keep their distance when home alone together bacause jeff knew how much maria didn't like him, but for some reason tonight seemed different. Jeff cooked dinner(for the second time out of the three years he's been living with them) and called maria down stairs to come eat, when she came down she saw that he already had her plate fixed, it had baked chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans, and a biscuit on it.
She actually got wide eyed for a second because she was shocked at what he had cooked. As she started to take her plate upstairs jeff reached out his arm to stop her and said "sit down at the table and eat with me, we never really get to talk much". So she sat down at the table still puzzled by his actions, she asked "Why are you doing all this for me, I don't get it"? Jeff said "I just realized that i'm getting more serious with your mom, maybe to the point where i even want to marry her and i feel that we should all get along as a family, so eat your food and we'll chit chat some more later". Maria ate her food and then went upstairs to watch t.v. but as she was walking up the stairs she felt woozy. She got up to her room and before she knew it she passed out on her bed, when she woke up her pants were pulled down to her ankles and she was scared to think of what might have happened while she was sleep.
A few weeks goes by and Jeff is acting funny again, maria doesn't know what's going on with him but she knows it's something. Her mom comes home from another long day at work and goes upstairs only to find an angry jeff waiting for her. Maria’s mother is never surprised to see Jeff angry, he always finds a reason to be angry no matter what may have happened. Maria was in her room doing homework but when she heard Jeff and her mom yelling she came out of her room, and sat by their bedroom to listen. Maria’s mom “I don’t know what your problem is, but you better tone it down today is not the day I’m telling you”, Jeff “I don’t give a f**k what day it is you gonna sit here and listen to what I gotta say! Now who was that man calling your phone last night cause he called here again today.” Maria’s mom “I don’t know what you’re talking about” Jeff “Yes you do, is this the nigga you screwing behind my back?” Maria’s mom starts to talk in a panic “No I really don’t know what you’re talking about” Jeff “Ok, well we gonna find out today aren’t we?” Jeff goes to punch Maria’s mom in the face, but she ducks so he misses. She tried to run and hide in the closet but he snatched her out by her arm before she could even close the door.
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