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Hmmm.... difficult. YWO hasn't had a lot of "news" as of late.

If you had a monthly contest, the newsletter could be where winners were announced.

If anything interesting was posted in the brag thread--related to literature, think publications--the newsletter would be a good place to promote those individuals' work as well.

You can have maybe a short (emphasis on short) article related to the craft of prose / poetry / etc. Like an essay abstract. Anything longer, then you're taking a dip into journal/zine territory.

* biography pieces that celebrate authors (either emerging or established) that have won a particular prize or released a book, etc
* Interviews with YWO writers
* book reviews
* This User's top ten favourite poems/books
* Musings on literature in general
* Analyses of poems, or a short story, etc
* Could think about posting the most useful guides

Have users submit these. Get them involved. There's not enough YWO specific news to gather interest, in my opinion, so open it up.

Maybe have a small "newbie section" where you introduce the most active newbies for that period. That way, the older members will know who's really serious and here to stay. This is dependent on how many new users are active, anyway.

Literary announcements--who has passed (RIP Philip Levine), who has won the Pulitzer, etc.

Just throwing this out there, but perhaps a "Stats" section: who submitted the most poems? stories? chapters? in the time period. Who had the most critiques? I'd find that pretty interesting. Maybe just me.
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