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I've decided to make this thread be a compilation of the many, well-done guides on this website to help new members that join. This will be updated the moment I spot a new guide here that isn't vague or unsupported. If I missed a guide in the depths of this website that you believe I should include, give me the link to it, and I may add it here. If I included a guide that you believe shouldn't be here, tell me why with explanations, and I may edit it out. All these links will direct you to the guide(s) in a single post format. If you'd like to see the whole thread including the post, then go to the upper right of the page and then click the underlined name after "thread:".

Andy's list of many member-submitted guides, including subjects on critiquing, general writing, poetry, stories, grammar & spelling, and other miscellaneous guides.

Isis's Critiquing and Newcomer Guide

My guide to short story/novel outlines.

ScottyMcGee's guide on how to write for those who struggle with that.

Demon Hunter's guide to characters.

Infinity_Man's Mega Guide to Prose.

Infinity_Man's Guide on Description In Prose (helps more in creative writing with settings, characters, etc than academic writing by the way)
All previous novels put on hold at the moment.

My compilation of all the great guides, Guides' Gate, for those in need of help or review with critiques, grammar, spelling, and other advice.

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