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Hm... I have a bit of a problem with the phrasing, here. If a scene is filler, it should be cut. Sometimes, you don't know that a scene will end up as filler because you have a goal for it when you go in, but it can end up that way if your goals don't pan out.

That said, just because a scene does not immediately contribute something to the plot doesn't make it filler. If you're writing an epic fantasy about overthrowing a dark lord and you, at one point, have two characters chat about the nature of good and evil, that's not necessarily filler (although if it gets preachy it probably deserves to be cut). That has a basis in the story's themes and it develops character.

So, I guess I'd say no one should be executing filler scenes. Everything has to progress the story in some sense, even if it's not directly progressing the plot.
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