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Jesus Christmas poetry! CALM DOWN!

Missing Something by Tredyakovsky
Sometimes it Tells her to Go For a Walk by Squint
A Polished World... by bookworm
If I Turn Away by Hum
42 by Julian
Threadbox poem by Julian
34 by Isis
53 by Isis
Number Two in Swoon, she said by Raconteur
33. What is the Language of Birds by Wig
The Test by Charlie
What Should the World of God do to Us? by lalodragon
I Wish I Couldn't Swim by Keladry
Julian's WIP

Blood and Silver Ch. 6 by Deep Crystal

Short Stories:
I Wish I Was Dead in this Damn Basement! by Georgy
The Origin of Water by Raconteur
The Will of the Souls Pt. 1 by Scotty McGee
How I Paid for My College Tuition by Scotty McGee
Little Lost Boy by Infinity_Man
The River Shack by yours truly

Give them all your love and critiques! DO IT! SHOWER THEM!
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