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I've noticed that the social groups are getting a bit more use these days and it's been a longgg time since the rules for them were discussed, so long that I can't even find them. So this is a rehash of some general rules and brief guidelines for social groups.

Also, every few months I go through them all and delete any that have less than five members and less than five posts.
  • Please check that your group or a very similar group, or even a similar discussion/thread on the actual forum doesn't already exist before creating a group. As an example, I deleted a riddle group because we already have a riddle thread in Random Games. Even if a group you want to have is inactive, you can just activate it again -- this is the one place on the forum where age doesn't really matter unless a group specifically says not to reactivate it.
  • Only create a group if you have at least five members interested in joining and participating. Groups with less members and posts than this will be deleted by yours truly.
  • Remember that social groups are an extension of the forum and will also be moderated by the staff here. All site rules apply there as they do on the forum. No deliberately hateful or discriminative behaviour will be tolerated.
  • Please do not create social groups for pointless things or interests that have little discussion base. If there's a couple people you wish to discuss a specific animal or tv show with, you can do so in PM/VMs or in the chatroom or something.
  • Do not create social groups for posting and sharing work unless it is for a pre-discussed workshop (like Adri's workshop group). The site forums are for posting work, and posting work outside of the designated areas defies the point system and is unfair to other members.

I can't really remember any more, but these are the main ones I've been going over the last couple days in my social groups spree. Feel free to add more/discuss if you wish.
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