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Originally Posted by Surt View Post
hey i just joined and i was wondering about posting literature.

Does the quality matter? As i myself have no real idea if what i am posting is good or not and i know one of the reasons to post is to try and find that out but i feel that if i post then i will just be spamming the forum with something that perhaps shouldn't even be there in the first place.

Im not sure if i've communicated what im actually asking here but if u understand then please help
Just post your best work. Granted, each person's best work is going to be different, but the main idea is that you post your best so your best can become better. There's little point in posting something which you know is full of errors. People would just point out errors which you already know about, and there's little to gain from that.

But if your work is fantastic to the best of your knowledge, then post it. If other people can find ways to improve it, then you get smarter as a writer.

And don't forget to comment on other people's work as well.

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