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Originally Posted by !Bambie! View Post
Hey Hey Guys!!! As you can see I am new here and I can't wait to start sharing my stories on here. I mean, if I was actually writing a novel that took me a long time and it turns out it was horrible then I would really be disappointed Honestly who wouldn't though? And I'm not saying that my stories are horrible, I'm just saying that just in case.... Also I can't wait to see other peoples stories. I looooove reading so....

Just wanted to say Hii!

Isnt the ninja cute!!
Welcome! I'm new here too, just joined yesterday, or the day before that? I don't know, still getting used to the place. I'm sure you'll like it here, just don't post more than one piece of work a day, or else it'll get locked, I learned the hard way. :/
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