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Please read these guidelines carefully, as they are subject to change.

The following are details about the award, including how to submit.

The Young Writers Award is an annual award given to the best young writer for the year, whether the writer in question is a poet, short fiction writer, a novelist, or "all of the above." The contest will be judged on merit and execution and will serve to highlight the exceptional talents of one writer.

$100 (minimum)(prize is determined by available funds in the YWO coffers, which currently includes about $118)

Note: I've received offers of free books from authors. Barring shipping difficulties, expect at least two books. More on this when I have it.

The judges this year are YWO regulars: Isis and Spacepirate.

Previous Winners:

3rd Annual: Dabs
2nd Annual: Carraka
1st Annual: Spacepirate

Previous Judges:

3rd Annual: Isis, Spacepirate, and Peppermental!

2nd Annual: Adam Callaway is a freelance baker, avid ping ponger, transdimensional neosurrealist, and a dedicated writer. He lives in Superior, Wisconsin, where summer is blissfully short and mild, with his wife and two dogs. He has had stories published in AE and Flurb. He can be found lurking at

1st Annual: Jason Sanford. His work has appeared in Interzone, Analog Science Fiction and Fact, Tales of the Unanticipated, Intergalactic Medicine Show, Pindeldyboz, The Mississippi Review, and 3:AM Magazine. He is a Nebula Award finalist (for “Sublimation Angels” in Interzone #224), winner of the Interzone Readers’ Poll two years in a row, and a nominee for the Pushcart Prize. He is also founder of storySouth, a magazine that focuses on literature from the New South.

Award Rules
--Writers must be:
a. 21 years old or younger OR an undergraduate at a University or Community College under the age of 25 AND
b. Active members of Young Writers Online at the time of the deadline for the award. The definition of "active" is left to the discretion of the owners of Young Writers Online and will take into account post and critique frequency. It should be assumed that posting less than once a day (as a general average), whether in the discussion sections or writing sections, does not constitute "active." AND
c. Not a previous winner of the award. Previous winners *may* be judges.

--Writers may submit up to a total of 7,500 words of unpublished fiction in up to five short stories OR up to a total of 120 lines of unpublished poetry in up to 6 poems OR a combination of fiction and poetry not to exceed 5,000 words of unpublished fiction (in no more than 3 stories) and 80 lines of unpublished poetry (in no more than 4 poems). Quality over quantity is a rule of thumb (i.e., someone who submits one story that is exceptional is more likely to win over someone who submits three stories that are quite good, but not quite exceptional).

Note: Due to some confusion, the term "unpublished fiction" will be understood to mean "work that has not been sold to a magazine or publisher OR placed as an ebook for sale." Work that was previously found on YWO is fine.

--Fiction may be of any genre and must be self-contained (i.e., do not submit a story or chapter that has been cut in half).

--Poetry may be in any style.

--Submissions for the award should be sent as .doc or .rtf files (no .docx, .pages, or any other file types, and do not post your submission in the body of the email) to arconna [at] yahoo [dot] com with the subject "Young Writers Award." Provide your real name and your YWO account name in the email. Please follow standard manuscript format with the following alterations:
a. The text of your submission should start on the second page with the name of your submission and the page number in the header. Your first page should contain your name, your YWO account name, the title of your submission, and the word count.
b. Do not put your last name in the header of your submission. We intend for all entries to be judged blindly and will cut out the first page for submission to our judge.

--Submissions must be sent no later than Feb. 28th, 2014. Winners will be announced no later than the end of March 2014 and the award will be distributed via Paypal (other arrangements can be made in the event that the winner cannot use Paypal).

--Questions should be sent to arconna [at] yahoo [dot] com, sent as a PM to Shaun, or posted in the forum section for the award
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