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General Site Rules

Thank you for becoming a member of Young Writers Online (YWO), and thanks again for taking the time to look over our rules. This site is, more than anything else, a community, and so we take these rules seriously in order to promote an enjoyable and beneficial experience for our members.

If you believe that another member has violated any of these rules, please do not hesitate to tell a staff member. For convenience, there is a Report Post image at the bottom-left of every post that you can use to report that post.

For Posting Messages
  1. Be courteous! Please do not insult or personally attack other members. Refrain from using excessive swearing, and don't try to offend other members.
  2. Use good grammar. This is a site for writers, so grammar counts! Please refrain from chatspeak like 'CUL8R' and 'BTDT', and do your best to spell-check your messages. This isn't like instant messenger. You won't fall behind in a conversation if you take an extra minute to proofread.
  3. No spamming. Please don't double-post, bump recent threads, or use our private messaging system for anything other than friendly chat.

For Posting Literature
  1. Don't submit more than one thing per day. Submitting something that's 100 pages long will probably be ignored by members - it's too much! And submitting 5 poems in a single day won't give members a chance to read them all. Moderation is key.
  2. Give at least two critiques for each piece you submit. The more critiques you write, the more people will critique your own work.
  3. Use content warnings. If you think your story is not suitable for certain audiences, put a content warning at the top of your post saying so. Also, try to leave offensive material out of the thread's title.
  4. No explicit sex or obscene violence Do not post anything that is explicitly sexual or obscenely violent without prior approval of a moderator or administrator. Explicit sex is a detailed description of sexual activity of any kind. Obscene violence is violence for the sake of violence, which does not enhance a story or move the plot forward. If in doubt, please contact a staff member to make sure your submission is okay.
  5. Please follow our guidelines for giving critiques (link)

For Social Groups
  1. No duplicate groups. If someone has made a group on one topic, do not make another group on the same topic, or one that contains or overlaps that topic before getting a Super Moderator or Administrator's approval. For example, if someone create a group about Desserts, don't make a group about Cakes and Ice Cream, or Cakes, or Ice Cream. You can do a search on existing groups to check for duplicates.
  2. No groups solely to bash/deny someone or something. Please do not make any Anti-____ groups or groups solely created to exclude or upset a person(s).
  3. No spammy or pointless groups Please don't make groups about yourself, or groups with no real purpose or interst.
  4. Get staff approval to create small critique groups or clubs If you and some friends want a place solely for discussing each others' writing, that's fine, but get approval first, so we don't end up with a lot of these.
  5. All forum rules apply. Even though groups have their own admins, they are not exempt from general site rules on behavior and spamming. Please be courteous and respectful.

More Serious Rules
  1. Members cannot have more than one account.
  2. No advertising (spam). Do not mindlessly post advertisements anywhere on the site, including via private and profile messages. We do not tolerate spam, and it may result in the loss of your membership.
  3. No competing websites. Do not advertise any websites that are similar in purpose and theme (young writers, forum, etc) to YWO unless you receive permission from an administrator first.
  4. No adult content. Absolutely no posting, promoting, or linking to pornography or adult web sites.
  5. No plagiarism. Do not post someone else's work and pass it off as your own. See our Copyright Policy for details.
  6. No illegal material. Discussion of pirating software, music, movies, or anything else that you do not own or have the rights to is prohibited. This includes linking to places that allow or discuss this activity.

Your Use of this Site

Young Writers Online reserves the right to edit or remove posts, messages, or discussions which its staff deems inappropriate or which do not best serve the interests of the site or the majority of its members. At the same time, we cannot ensure prompt removal of such posts, messages, or discussions. We reserve the right to block or remove the membership of people who fail to follow these guidelines.

Since this is a real-time forum, Young Writers Online cannot review all messages posted or confirm their validity. This site does not vouch for the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any message posted here. The messages and opinions expressed by members here do not necessary reflect those of Young Writers Online or its staff. You as a member are solely responsible for the content of your messages, and you agree indemnify and hold harmless Young Writers Online and other members with respect to any claim based on transmission of your message(s). We also reserve the right to reveal your identity in the event of any legal action arising from any message posted here by you.

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