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Hobbies and Interests
My favorite theme to write about during my spare time is narrowed down to two wonderful catagories. Vampires&&Some stories involving modern day things mixed in with Greek mythology. If you like reading vampire books&tales/stories etc... Then you should join this group! it would be very intresting, I promise. Plus, who doesnt like to hear their stories being reviewed and told. :)
18 2 13
04:24 PM
Hobbies and Interests
I scoured the groups list for this group, but it wasn't there. I did find a George R R Martin group, but it was inactive for a long time. This group is for fans of Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire series. I don't really know how to run a group, so if somebody more experienced wants to take over feel free.
14 2 28
08:09 AM
Hobbies and Interests
This is for the people that love Alternative Music and all that it stands for. This is for a discussion of, not only your favorite music, but to listen to others' favorite music.
45 3 21
04:07 AM
Hobbies and Interests
If your passionate about animals, this is the place for you!
23 4 21
06:09 PM
Just For Fun
If you love animals, just for pets, to read about them, to write about them, this is the place for you!
16 2 27
Hobbies and Interests
Here's the place to talk about all your favorite manga and anime, whether it's Yaoi, Yuri, Shounen-Ai, or a simple Shounen or Shoujo, this is the place to be.
109 8 223
04:55 PM
Just For Fun
Where people can put their ideas for awesome tips and philosophies!!
17 4 25
07:21 PM
Just For Fun
Talk about random things. And do take care to ramble on.
44 11 116
10:12 AM
Just For Fun
For all the cake lovers out there. When you join, please post your favourite type of cake. If you do not eat a cake a certain day, you must confess your sins to the silver spoon. Ladder of importance: Mother Madeira (our God) The Silver Spoon (our Jesus) joycey360 (King) faust (Priest) Kalculator (Scribe)
17 11 115
07:39 AM
Hobbies and Interests
33 8 52
06:30 PM
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