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Just For Fun
This is a group for cat lovers and cats alike! No dog lover's though (unless it's small dogs, then that's okay).
29 5 22
05:58 PM
Hobbies and Interests
33 8 52
06:30 PM
Hobbies and Interests
This is for the people that love Alternative Music and all that it stands for. This is for a discussion of, not only your favorite music, but to listen to others' favorite music.
45 3 21
04:07 AM
Hobbies and Interests
There was a thread made for the musicians here. So I was thinking, why not make a group? Here all singers, drummers, pianists, guitarists, cellists , etc. can talk about their music and music in general.
116 10 302
12:12 AM
Writers and Writing
This is a group where you can pick your favorite book and add to it. Any story, any book, anything, Just add to it. This will help inhance better writing skills. Also discuss anything and everything about books!
16 4 254
12:34 PM
Just For Fun
INSPIRATION! EVERYWHERE! Welcome to Inspirati where we encourage, talk, and meet people! Talk about random things (music, books, society, things we think about, etc.) and every week there will be a new encouragement because in this world of hate, everybody needs it.
11 5 8
Just For Fun
Are you a day dreamer? Have you ever had a dream that you could not explain but its just so bizzare you can't stop thinking about it? Well this goup is just a fun discussion spot where people can talk about the weird things that their brain does when they're asleep, or even sitting in class.
39 12 54
03:57 PM
Hobbies and Interests
For all you comic lovers out there, strictly to MARVEL and DC, here is the place for you!
20 15 183
Critique Groups
This is a workshop for short stories or single chapters of your novel. Basically, send me (or Lily--if this gets big enough, we'll take separate groups) your stories/chapters, we'll post them in the order we receive them, and then everyone (except for the author) may have a free-for-all discussion (workshopping!) on the story/chapter. We did this in my creative writing class this semester, and I found it beneficial, though the discussions were in person. I don't know how well this will work out, but it's worth trying. If you have any questions, PM me or Lykaios. Please be sure to subscribe to the group so that it shows up in your User CP; if you're the author, you don't want to miss the discussions! If you aren't, you won't want to miss out. ;) Remember: this workshop will only work if people are actually contributing; I don't mean one or two people, I mean, it'll take a handful at least.
58 4 10
06:14 AM
Writers and Writing
If you love to read or write fantasy, join up!
221 20 546
11:42 AM
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