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Hobbies and Interests
People who love CARDFIGHTING, this is your home town. This group, although focusing on CARDFIGHT VANGUARD, focuses on all card games including Buddyfight, Pokemon tcg, Yugioh and ext.
3 7 7
10:40 AM
Writers and Writing
A fun group for beginning writers centered around writing and sharing. Lots of writing games and free-writes, along with a critique circle and weekly prompts.
18 9 107
01:01 PM
Writers and Writing
If you're not an obsessed writer, you're not welcome. *Waves magic wand to make people who don't like writing leave*
138 4 147
09:13 AM
Just For Fun
A group for those of you who don't agree with conventional bedtimes or are insomniacs. xD
81 4 61
08:02 AM
Just For Fun
This is a group that is all about writing. From writing short stories all the way up to writing poetry, this group will help critique, add-on, or share ideas with one other. You can also discuss your favorite books and what you like about it/ what would you like the author to change or add. The Eternal Writers club is open to everyone for everyone. So in other words, no provoking at others regardless of sexual preference, sex, race, and/or writing likes.
11 2 24
07:55 AM
Just For Fun
For any Harry Potter lovers, no bashers please.
75 8 34
02:28 PM
Writers and Writing
This is a group where writers can help each other by promoting each others work, spreading the word and offering other advise. Anybody is welcome but it is aimed at people who would like to make a career out of their writing. This group will hopefully lift writers off the ground and to a higher level. :)
43 4 10
05:57 AM
Just For Fun
The purpose of the LGTB & Straight Alliance is to unite people of various sexualities and promote equality.
67 11 50
08:32 AM
Just For Fun
It's........a group to celebrate the humor and downright randomosity of Monty Python's Flying Circus! I don't expect much activity in this group, but if you want to debate the social impact and implications of the series or else try to translate some of John Cleese's Gobbledigook, here's the place!
3 4 7
07:49 AM
Writers and Writing
Discussion on basics of writing and guidelines on writing. Discussion on writers; well known and popular authors and their books.
23 8 328
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