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Critique Groups
If you are interested in getting serious, informative critiques, then join this circle. We discuss work made by other members within the circle, and do our very best to improve eachother. Come Join!^_^
12 1 1
Critique Groups
Harnessing our skills in the art of reviewing/critiquing all types of written work and helping each other flourish along the way (open club).
34 5 15
07:35 PM
Critique Groups
This is a workshop for short stories or single chapters of your novel. Basically, send me (or Lily--if this gets big enough, we'll take separate groups) your stories/chapters, we'll post them in the order we receive them, and then everyone (except for the author) may have a free-for-all discussion (workshopping!) on the story/chapter. We did this in my creative writing class this semester, and I found it beneficial, though the discussions were in person. I don't know how well this will work out, but it's worth trying. If you have any questions, PM me or Lykaios. Please be sure to subscribe to the group so that it shows up in your User CP; if you're the author, you don't want to miss the discussions! If you aren't, you won't want to miss out. ;) Remember: this workshop will only work if people are actually contributing; I don't mean one or two people, I mean, it'll take a handful at least.
58 4 10
06:14 AM
Critique Groups
This group works on themselves. We pick a book (fiction, poetry, non-fiction, whatever). Then we decide a time limit within which all of us are done with that book. And finally, we do enthusiastic and meaningful talks on the subject. If you feel like exploring the world of literature and art with your ideas. you are invited.
21 7 80
12:16 PM
Hobbies and Interests
A group for all avid film lovers (and meager twilight fans as well, I suppose :P) To come together with other movie lovers to discuss their favorite movies, review or give input on recent or past flicks, play...cinematic-theme games... or just hang around and talk simply through the use of movie quotes. All are welcome into this group
128 5 107
Hobbies and Interests
If you didn't understand the title, this is the group for gamers! Note that this is just a group for general gaming. If you want to start a group about a specific series, then thats fine by me.
67 14 160
Hobbies and Interests
Here's the place to talk about all your favorite manga and anime, whether it's Yaoi, Yuri, Shounen-Ai, or a simple Shounen or Shoujo, this is the place to be.
109 8 223
04:55 PM
Hobbies and Interests
There was a thread made for the musicians here. So I was thinking, why not make a group? Here all singers, drummers, pianists, guitarists, cellists , etc. can talk about their music and music in general.
116 10 302
12:12 AM
Hobbies and Interests
Do you love Vampire Knight? Whether it's the anime,manga or both you love this is the place to talk about it! Zero and Yuuki forever baby!
19 10 56
Hobbies and Interests
My favorite theme to write about during my spare time is narrowed down to two wonderful catagories. Vampires&&Some stories involving modern day things mixed in with Greek mythology. If you like reading vampire books&tales/stories etc... Then you should join this group! it would be very intresting, I promise. Plus, who doesnt like to hear their stories being reviewed and told. :)
18 2 13
04:24 PM
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