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Social Groups in category Just For Fun
Group Name Reverse Sort Order Members Discussions Messages Last Post
If you love animals, just for pets, to read about them, to write about them, this is the place for you!
16 2 27
Where people can put their ideas for awesome tips and philosophies!!
17 4 25
07:21 PM
Talk about random things. And do take care to ramble on.
44 11 116
10:12 AM
For all the cake lovers out there. When you join, please post your favourite type of cake. If you do not eat a cake a certain day, you must confess your sins to the silver spoon. Ladder of importance: Mother Madeira (our God) The Silver Spoon (our Jesus) joycey360 (King) faust (Priest) Kalculator (Scribe)
17 11 115
07:39 AM
This is a group for cat lovers and cats alike! No dog lover's though (unless it's small dogs, then that's okay).
29 5 22
05:58 PM
The spam dump. Spam away, my pretties!
79 14 1,288
09:32 AM
Wanna listen to people say mayonnaise or see a cat play patty cake? Well then this is the group for you! Post funny links to websites that are interesting, funny, etc.
2 2 3
09:26 PM
Are you a day dreamer? Have you ever had a dream that you could not explain but its just so bizzare you can't stop thinking about it? Well this goup is just a fun discussion spot where people can talk about the weird things that their brain does when they're asleep, or even sitting in class.
39 12 54
03:57 PM
Bob Dylan. All that he is and all that he was. Possibly the most beautiful poetry of the century and no doubt the best lyricist of all time. Join in on discussing some of his work and merely taking some time to appreciate greatness.
12 1 5
04:51 PM
This is a group that is all about writing. From writing short stories all the way up to writing poetry, this group will help critique, add-on, or share ideas with one other. You can also discuss your favorite books and what you like about it/ what would you like the author to change or add. The Eternal Writers club is open to everyone for everyone. So in other words, no provoking at others regardless of sexual preference, sex, race, and/or writing likes.
11 2 24
06:55 AM
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