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Social Groups in category Hobbies and Interests
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Here's a group where we can discuss how we feel about meat and animals as food. All vegetarians welcome- as for the rest, keep your distance!
19 3 45
09:26 PM
A group for all avid film lovers (and meager twilight fans as well, I suppose :P) To come together with other movie lovers to discuss their favorite movies, review or give input on recent or past flicks, play...cinematic-theme games... or just hang around and talk simply through the use of movie quotes. All are welcome into this group
128 5 107
If your passionate about animals, this is the place for you!
23 4 21
07:09 PM
A group for fans of the Naruto anime and manga. Yes, this includes Naruto Shipuuden.
15 2 11
06:26 PM
This is for mixed people. For asking questions, talking, or just moral support. If your not mixed and want to join you can joi, but it may not be useful to you.
18 3 23
Do you love Vampire Knight? Whether it's the anime,manga or both you love this is the place to talk about it! Zero and Yuuki forever baby!
19 10 56
If you're obsessed with languages, you are welcome. If you're interested in languages, you are also welcome. If you're not either of those, turn away NOW!
25 4 18
03:22 PM
Well, don't get too excited. Even we aren't too clever. Looking for good codes to use is difficult. Coming up with complex riddles takes time. Owing to the name of the club, you should expect much cryptography, many riddles. Making riddles are almost always easier to make than they are to solve. Everyone, though, should be able to solve this one. WELCOME to the Cryptography Club.
13 0 0
Nerdfighters welcome! You must know what a nerdfighter is to join! If you are a nerdfighter and you love the vlogbrothers, JOIN! DFTBA, fellow nerdfighters!
10 2 3
05:05 AM
Taking pictures is so much fun! Share your love by posting you masterpieces!
17 0 0
08:29 PM
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