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Social Groups in category Hobbies and Interests
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Awesome people who love Douglas Adam's Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and/or the TV show and the movie
20 2 8
05:56 PM
hey guys .....this group is for people who love writing in languages other than English ! can post here .....if you do are welcome (: (:
13 2 10
04:06 AM
If you didn't understand the title, this is the group for gamers! Note that this is just a group for general gaming. If you want to start a group about a specific series, then thats fine by me.
67 14 160
this group is exclusively for all the young writers who consider that there is a philosopher hidden in them ....
32 8 34
01:44 AM
Want to debate, ask questions, or just talk about religion or things such as creation and evolutions, darwinism. Join This group!
37 8 137
01:36 AM
This group is for all those people who have a genuine interest in any branch of the paranormal, which can include ESP, spiritualism, afterlife, cryptozoology (Nessie and similar stuff, you know), and even inexplicable mysteries of the past recorded in history. I myself possess a keen interest in these things, and have experienced strange phenomena of varied sorts since my childhood which I can't seem to explain by any logical means. I know thus that there might be people out there similar to me in this respect, and it's to them that this group is dedicated. Here you can narrate your own experiences and explore others', discuss the nature of any paranormal event which has baffled you, and even classify such events into the many categories the paranormal has to offer us. We could also choose to discuss the various unsolved conundrums of the past, and arrange polls on such subjects. So, to anybody who might be reading this, welcome to my group!
31 7 48
05:59 AM
Ever read vampire academy? I want to know what you think about the series!!
11 2 6
04:02 PM
I scoured the groups list for this group, but it wasn't there. I did find a George R R Martin group, but it was inactive for a long time. This group is for fans of Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire series. I don't really know how to run a group, so if somebody more experienced wants to take over feel free.
14 2 28
08:09 AM
For everyone who plays violin, cello, bass, guitar, etc.. or wants to play. Come join!
5 8 61
03:17 PM
Here's a group where we can discuss how we feel about meat and animals as food. All vegetarians welcome- as for the rest, keep your distance!
19 3 45
08:26 PM
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