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The Community is where you'll find almost all the discussions on the site. To reach it, click the "Community" link at the top of the site. Or, you could simply click the site's logo.

The Community is also the site's main page. It is divided into 3 parts, each with several sections for specific discussions.

Site Center

This is where you can talk about all things YWO, from new members, site news, suggestions, and the site magazine.

Writing Center

You can talk about all things literary here, like books, writing, guides, contests, and exercises.

Recreation Center

The Recreation Center is for discussing everything else, like current events, birthdays, random topics, and politics.

The "What's Going On" Box

At the bottom of the Community page are several statistics. You can see which members are currently online, as well as how many threads, posts, and members we have. You can also see who is our newest member.

Literature is the place where everyone posts their stories, poems, art, and other work. Once something has been posted, everyone else is free to comment on the work and suggest improvements.

To reach Literature, click the "Literature" link at the top of the site. It is divided into 4 parts, each with several sections for specific types of literature:


You can post short stories and chapters of your novel here. There are sections for posting realistic stories, supernatural stories, and also a place accessible only to members, if you want to conceal your work from the public.


Here you can post poetry. There is a second section accessible only to members, if you want to conceal your work from the public.

Other Work

This is for posting reports, essays, scripts, and writing that doesn't fit in any other category.

Special Work

Special Work is for those things that don't fall into the category of "literature that needs critiques." You can post your art and photographs here, roleplay, or start a story which you write with the help of other people.

Our Amazon Store (aStore) is a place where you can buy products from through us. You can reach it by clicking the "aStore" link at the top of the site.

The products and prices we offer are all the same, except when you buy through our store, we get a percentage of the profits. All of these profits are put back into the site, and are used to cover hosting and license costs, as well as contest prices if there is any left over.

We have a store for the United States, one for Great Britain, and one for Canada. We advise you to only use the store for your country, because it makes things much easier when it comes to shipping.

Our chatroom is a place where members can talk to each other in real time. To reach the chatroom, click the "Chat" link located within the silver bar at the top of the site.

The chatroom is only accessible to members, so you won't encounter anyone who is not a member. When entering the chatroom, you are automatically logged in as your username.

Once in the chatroom, you have the option to re-open it in a smaller window. Some of the chatroom's features include Online/Away status, smilies, sounds, and an automatic beep whenever someone types your name.

Users Chatting

You can see how many people are in the chatroom from any page on the site. If there is a number next to the "Chat" link, it indicates the number of people chatting.

If you want to know WHO is chatting without entering the chatroom, move your mouse over the "Quick Links" link in the silver bar, and scroll down to "Users Chatting." A list of members in the chatroom will be displayed.

Useful Pages

There are many other features at YWO which are useful, but either not used often or are not as important.

The Calendar

The calendar can be found by clicking the Calendar option from the Quick Links menu.

If a member has chosen to make his or her birthday public, it will be displayed on the calendar. In addition, major holidays, contest deadlines, and site events are displayed on the calendar. Upcoming events are displayed at the bottom of the Community page in the "What's Going On" box.

Users Online

This is found in the Quick Links menu.

All members and guests currently viewing the site are listed on this page. Their instant messaging icons are displayed, as well as the person's current activity. Search engine spiders like the "Google Spider" and "Yahoo! Slurp Spider" are also displayed. These spiders scan the site so our pages will appear in their search engines.

Site Search

You can search the site by clicking the Search link at the top of any page. You can perform a basic search instantly, or do an advanced search by clicking the link that appears. There are many ways to narrow down your search, such as by date, username, threads, etc.

Member Listing

This is a listing of all the site's members, found in the Quick Links menu. You can look for members by name, or perform a search for a particular member. In addition, you can see who has the most posts, and who has been thanked the most.

Site Statistics

This can be found by clicking the Site Info link in the silver bar at the top of any page. It gives a lot of information about the site, including the top thread starters, top thanked members, hottest threads, and most viewed threads. Detailed information on the top posters is displayed at the bottom of the page.

Static Pages

Static pages can be found in the drop-down menus in the silver bar at the top of every page. They only have information, and are not very interactive. They are divided into three categories.

1) Site Info

About YWO

This page has our story and mission statement.


Every forum needs rules to ensure a beneficial experience. These are ours.

Your Rights

This has your rights as an author posting work on this site. Basically, you retain the rights to all your work. Legal stuff.

Ways to Help YWO

Here you'll find a list of ways you can help to keep the site up and strong.

2) Resources

Online Resources

These are websites which our members have found helpful.

Online Articles

These are internet articles about writing which our members have found helpful.

Guides by Members

These writing guides were written by members, for members.


You can play these online games for brainstorming help, or for literary knowledge.

3) Web Stuff


These are our partner websites - all of them are either for writers, young people, or both.

Links and Buttons

If you want to link to YWO, you can use these images or buttons for free.


Here are somefree gizmos and graphics for you to have.

User CP

The User Control Panel (also known as the User CP) is where you control your personal settings, options and preferences. To visit the User CP, you must have first registered on the forums. Once logged in, click on 'User CP' in the header bar near the top of the page.

The User CP main page will list any new notifications, including new private messages and pending friend requests. Additional pages and forms allow you to control many things about your account. The options listed in the left navigation bar include:

Your Control Panel

This is the User CP's main page. Here you'll find the Personal Notepad, a place to store private notes on whatever you want, such as reminders or to-do lists. Below it is a list of your subscribed threads. And below that is a list of posts you were recently Thanked for.

Your Profile

Edit Your Details

This page lets you change your personal information. From here you can change your email and password. Below that are options to modify your birthday and contact information. Lastly is your biography, where you tell other members a little about yourself.

Edit Profile Picture

This lets you change the picture that appears in your profile. This is NOT your avatar. For many members, this picture is of themselves, although it can be almost anything you want, within reason.


Contacts and Friends

This is a list of all your contacts and friends. To add someone as a contact, type their name. To add a friend, type their name and send a friend request. If that member accepts, your avatars will be shown in each others' profiles. You can also answer other people's friend requests here.

Group Memberships

Here you can join clubs created by other members. To create your own club, see the guidelines in the Common Room.

Settings and Options

Edit Avatar

This lets you change your avatar - a small image that appears in all your posts. Avatars can be no larger than 100 x 100 pixels, and no larger than 24.4 KB.

Edit Signature

Your signature is a combination of text and images that appear below all your posts. You can use the image tag to link to images. You are limited to 3 images in your signture, and they cannot be more than 150 x 500 pixels in size.

Edit Email/Password

This lets you change your email and password. You must first give your current password to do either.

Edit Options

Here you can change many miscellaneous options, including the forum's look, and other features.

Ignore List

You can add members to your Ignore List to prevent yourself from receiving PMs from that person. We hope there will be no need for this. If you feel you are being harassed or annoyed by another member, we encourage you to tell an administrator or moderator.

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