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  1. Quick Note About This Section
  2. Call for Subs: The Crimson Pact
  3. Guide: Short Story Standard Manuscript Format
  4. Guide: Submitting Short Stories and Query/Rejection Conduct
  5. Guide: Cover Letters for Magazine Submissions
  6. Suvudu Writing Contest
  7. Starship Sofa Writers Workshop
  8. Alpha SF/F/H Workshop
  9. SF/F Writing Competition (UCLan Publishing)
  10. Cucurbital Anthology Series -- Open to Subs on May 1st, 2011
  11. Weird War Anthology
  12. Marketplace/Publishing Resources: Guidelines and Rules
  13. Playwright Project Competition
  14. Science Fiction Workshop w/ Philip Palmer (UK)
  15. Children of a Factory Nation Short Story Contest (Anarchy Books)
  16. StarShipSofa Online Writers Workshop 2012
  17. Query Letters
  18. Duotrope
  19. Teen Writing Contest -- Bull Spec Magazine
  20. How to Write Science Fiction with Spider Robinson (StarShipSofa)
  21. Publishers In The Uk
  22. Arbitrary List of Magazine Publishers/Poor Man's Duotrope
  23. 2014 Bristol Short Story Prize (Global)
  24. Alpha SF/F/H Workshop for Young Writers (2013) Open for Applications
  25. Freeditorial Publishing is now open for submissions
  26. Aged 13-15? Get published and win prizes on Generation Diary!
  27. Help! Can I traditonal publish from outside USA
  28. Hello, Ladies: Mslexia Poetry Competition for women
  29. Rattle poetry prize
  30. Story Doctor Giveaway!
  31. Open Submissions for Ricochet Review!