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  1. Literary Discussion: Guidelines and Rules
  2. Literature Spin-offs
  3. Fantasy and War?
  4. The NaNoWriMo 2007 Thread!
  5. Science Fiction: Is it literature?
  6. What books are you reading?
  7. SF & F Canon?
  8. Do You Use Allusions?
  9. Favorite SF/F Authors: Why?
  10. Paolini's Update
  11. Rowling's Latest Book - 7 Copies in Print
  12. Best Book Ever?
  13. What hooks you in?
  14. Metaphors or Similies
  15. What Inspires You?
  16. Beowulf Movie
  17. Eragon: For the Haters
  18. Long Lost, Forgotten, or Ignored Authors?
  19. Magazines?
  20. Diary of a Wimpy Kid <have you read it?>
  21. What constitutes good literature?
  22. Most Memorable Character in 20th Century Literature
  23. A Discussion on Cyberpunk
  24. How do you keep track of your notes?
  25. Worldbuilding Anyone?
  26. Black No More - A satire
  27. What do you expect....?
  28. Domain Network: You Decide
  29. Your Story's History
  30. The Golden Compass: Literature & Religion
  31. Technobabble: How Much Is Too Much?
  32. Choosing the right book?
  33. Your Writing Playlist
  34. Best and Worst Books for 2007?
  35. A Sad Day for Discworld
  36. What do you think the problem is with getting people to read?
  37. Books and Font Sizes: Big or small?
  38. Immersive Fiction
  39. Books You Don't Like Anymore
  40. Point Of View
  41. Fiction of Depth?
  42. Bookstore Care Policies?
  43. Neutral Narration
  44. twilight series by Stephenie Meyer.
  45. Writing Scams
  46. Atlanta Nights, Anyone?
  47. Does anyone else think we think too much on poetry?
  48. How do You Prove a Teacher Wrong?
  49. What is Science Fiction?
  50. What is Fantasy?
  51. Literary Biases in SF: Are they real?
  52. Writers in real life
  53. Good vs. Evil?
  54. Writing Conventions?
  55. Different Points of View
  56. Why Imaginative Fiction Is Important
  57. What Fantasy Writers Need to Hear!
  58. The Importance of Maps?
  59. The Fantasy Novel Recommendation Thread
  60. The Scifi Novel Recommendation Thread
  61. Death...
  62. Worst Sci-Fi/Fantasy?
  63. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. NEWS!
  64. Hypergraphia
  65. Medieval Fantasy Life
  66. Fantasy/Scifi Series: Are they getting tired?
  67. Talking Animals
  68. BEATEN! I've...
  69. Your favorite book, and why.
  70. Piratica
  71. How Unfortunate, a word which here means lamentable.
  72. Who inspired YOU to write?
  73. if you could be the author of any book ever written...
  74. Your big dream...
  75. How Do You Get Yourself To Write?
  76. Favorite Character, and Why?
  77. Gods: Writing Them and What About That Immortality Thing?
  78. What kind of Scifi do you like most?
  79. Book Review: What do you do when a book is bad?
  80. Best Bad Guys
  81. Names would help!
  82. Poll: What should I read next?
  83. Rifftrax Eragon Review
  84. First Person or Third Person Narrative?
  85. What method of writing do you use?
  86. The Kite Runner?
  87. Vampire books
  88. What annoys you in fantasy books? (the cliche things that drive you mad)
  89. First Books You Ever Read?
  90. Tales of Beadle the Bard: Available on December 4th!
  91. Well, well, well...
  92. Most common typo
  93. Ten Percent of Nothing
  94. Madeline L'Engle's conception of time travel?
  95. First Draft, Last Draft
  96. The Kindle...For Textbooks?
  97. Stephanie Meyer, Book 5 Leak
  98. help!
  99. E-books don't furnish a room
  100. Media Tie-ins: Your Thoughts?
  101. Oddest Title in 30 Years
  102. Banned Author > Another Potter Book *UPDATED*
  103. Historical Fiction/Fantasy
  104. Used Books = Nostalgic?
  105. The Secret Bestseller Formula!
  106. What books would you like to be taught?
  107. Your Bias: What forms of literature are you biased against?
  108. China Pulls Bunny Suicide Book
  109. Brisingr (with enemies who laugh!)
  110. Editing: How long do you wait?
  111. Block Distracting Websites!
  112. Re-writing novel (that I've already written 250 pages of). Tips?
  113. Reprints are Popular in Some Parts
  114. Sex and the City for Teens!
  115. Bratz Books banned from Scholastic Sales
  116. Your 5 Must-Reads?
  117. Google Books...Everywhere??
  118. Writers Block
  119. New Bestsellers!
  120. Positive vs. Negative Science Fiction
  121. Bukowski!!! Camus!!!
  122. Hardest Thing You've Ever Had to Write
  123. Divine Comedy: The Inferno by Dante
  124. Who do You Write For
  125. Jane Austen
  126. How have you prepared?
  127. Google's Book-Scanning Rights
  128. Any new books?
  129. Books Need To Stop This
  130. Words that are fun to say
  131. Werewolves and Science Fiction
  132. How did you start off?
  133. Harry Potter Exhibit
  134. Question: Twilight Series
  135. YWO's Official Book Club!
  136. Historical Fiction?
  137. Favorite poems.
  138. 'Literature is not about writing love poems'
  139. Darran Shan's Vampire Series
  140. Who are your Elves?
  141. Coming to A Library Near You!
  142. Book Club Discussion: Dracula by Bram Stoker (January)
  143. Latest Reading Stats
  144. Game or Generator Ideas?
  145. Badly Illustrated FF.net Summaries
  146. Titling Chapters?
  147. Cool!
  148. She Wrote a Potter Prequel??!
  149. Stephen King talking about Stephenie Meyer
  150. An e-Book Revolution?
  151. Illegal? Gray Area.
  152. Terry Pratchett has been Knighted
  153. Atlas Shrugged?
  154. Animal Farm
  155. Should Authors Respond to Reviews?
  156. Cooper and Shaw
  157. "Don't Edit if You're Not Writing"
  158. What makes a great writer?
  159. When you're writing . . .
  160. Amazon, Bookstores, and the Interwebs?
  161. Funny Phonetics
  162. 'Twilight’ author accused of plagiarism
  163. The Back/Flap
  164. The Evil Overlord List
  165. A Book-less School?
  166. The Uses of Literature (Article)
  167. It's Called a "Library"
  168. NaNoWriMo 09!
  169. What book covers attract you and turn you off?
  170. Fantasy Overload?
  171. Genre "Bias" as a Weakness?
  172. B&N: The Nook (eReader)
  173. Book-to-movie adaptations!
  174. Music and its effect on reading/writing
  175. World-building: How much is too much?
  176. Humour in your writing.
  177. Favorite Novel?
  178. Horror = Cliche?
  179. Critical analysis of Ray Bradbury
  180. Can I Interview You?
  181. Favorite Novel/Story For 2009?
  182. Knowing you're going to finish.
  183. Rhyming and Poetry
  184. Favourite Poems and Authors
  185. Eragon=Star War Connection
  186. Know of Bradbury/scifi/dystopia critical essays/books?
  187. What Should I Read Next?
  188. Script Frezny '10
  189. Room 101
  190. Ridiculous Metaphors
  191. Is there a difference between modern British and modern American fiction?
  192. Dialogue
  193. Favorite Read For 2010 (Thus Far)
  194. The next big thing?
  195. Literature Class?
  196. The Sequence of Your Writing...?
  197. Ghostwriting
  198. YWO's Poetry Collection
  199. I Write Like
  200. Help!!!
  201. Rare/Special Books?
  202. Is it wrong to allow personal relationships to influence publication?
  203. Need a few ideas.
  204. Writerly Advice :)
  205. Beautiful Lines
  206. Convoluted Fantasy Discussion
  207. Most unique ideas YOU'VE ever come up with?
  208. Pawn of the Prophecy vs Lord of the Rings
  209. 450,000 Copies Sold: Suzanne Collins and Mockingjay
  210. Show Off Your Maps!
  211. Working on too much at once?
  212. What you LIKE about fantasy?
  213. Tips for proper English
  214. Do you think there are any hard and fast rules to writing?
  215. What do you think of MFA programs?
  216. 101 Poems in a Day?
  217. For those of you who have read all Harry Potter novels (so big spoilers)
  218. Favorite Book for 2010
  219. Creating a language?
  220. Types of Magic
  221. Stories from Before YWO
  222. Genres you never wrote before.
  223. Writing's importance
  224. How do you write the same story without gettting sidetracked?
  225. Typewriters anyone?
  226. Hidden Ideas Thingy!!
  227. Plausible science fiction
  228. Eponine vs. Cosette
  229. National Poetry Writing Month
  230. What Does Your Writing Schedule Look Like?
  231. young
  232. poetry q&a
  233. Twilight! Is the new four letter word...
  234. My thread was closed... why?
  235. Art and inspiration
  236. Poems about home and family
  237. How do you feel about film adaptations of literature?
  238. If you could meet a fictional character, who would it be?
  239. Shifting Through The Vampire Novels
  240. Beginning at the End, Ending at the Beginning?
  241. Following a good-natured protagonist hell-bent on destroying the world?
  242. When enough is enough?
  243. What makes a good opening?
  244. Help with AP English Summer Homework?
  245. Foyle feedback session
  246. Contemporary novels with an omniscient POV (third-person)?
  247. What you haven't seen
  248. Connecting Two Novels/Scripts
  249. Language
  250. Why do you write?