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Young Writers Online (YWO) is an online community of writers in their teens and twenties that is dedicated to providing an environment where its members can improve the quality of their writing through critiques, discussion, and literary exercises.

About the Site

YWO was created in September 2007 by Andrew K. and Shaun Duke, who sought to create a website that had everything they felt an online writers' community should have. In one year, it has gained over 500 members who have contributed more than 50,000 posts, dozens of whom have stayed since its outset.

About the Admins

Shaun Duke
Age: 24
Location: California, USA

I've been writing for most of my life, but I've only been serious about it for about four years (trying to develop your craft takes a long time). I love to write science fiction and fantasy. My goal is to be published. As such, I'm writing short stories, novels, and just about anything else, and submitting to magazines. I also have hopes of editing an anthology and possibly a quarterly magazine, both dealing with speculative literature. Maybe one day I'll get the opportunity.

While Andy covers anything and everything based around coding, I deal with many of the other things, at least when I can. This means helping to develop advertising, setting up Paypal, writing guides, setting up the rules (with Andy's input), setting up copyright information and making sure we can protect our members, among other things that have yet to be revealed. Aside from that, I'm simply a member. I crit, I post, and interact just like everyone else on the site.

Andrew K.
Age: 19
Location: Maryland, USA

I started writing fiction at the age of 16, during my junior year in high school. After scrapping a series two years in the making, I began a new series of seven books, the first being "Incorruptible." My goal is to get it published, and to write other books in that world. As for reading, fantasy is my favorite genre, and I think it's unfortunate that most schools hardly ever teach it.

I handle the technical and graphical aspects of the site - everything that involves using computer code or getting images. Programming and writing are my two favorite hobbies, and this site lets me use both of them. I also enjoy discussing and critiquing stuff on the forums, and I like feedback so I know everything's running smoothly. Drop me a PM sometime; we can do word wars to see who can write the most in 15 minutes if you're in need of motivation.

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